Man divides opinion by setting off sprinkler on people who step on his lawn

A man who got fed up with people taking shortcuts in front of his house has devised a plan on trespassers who ruined his lawn.

Thomas Lyons said the "lawn pirates" had been walking over the patch of lush green grass in front of his house every day and he got sick of asking them nicely to stay off the lawn.

He and his friend installed an automatic sprinkler to douse the "invaders" with water and set up a security camera at their garage to catch the action on camera.

One video shows schoolchild cutting the corners and walking on the lawn during the day, then a group of young kids riding bicycles in the evening.

A narration says: "Before the sprinkler…"

Then the clip cuts to show what happens now when people walk on the lawn, the sensor picks up the movement in range so it shoots water straight at the people.

"When people won't stop cutting across your lawn, set up an automatic sprinkler," the narration continues.

People are warned by an alarm before they realise the sprinkler shooting streams of water onto them.

Most of them quickly turn heads and run away.

Viewers were divided as some said it's "just grass" and cutting corners could make people's journey faster.

One said: "Cutting across the grass has saved me from missing the bus many times. People cut because it is always faster and even 30 seconds can make a difference."

A second wrote: "It's grass. It's the most useless plant and you're this pressed about it being walked on?"

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Others argued that the man has his rights to do so because it's part of his property and admitted it's a genius way to take revenge.

"I love the level of pettiness here. It's your lawn, so do as you wish," a viewer commented.

Another penned:" The people saying 'it's just grass' have never owned a property and it showed."

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