Man dies trying to cross Strait of Gibraltar on just a plank of wood

A young Moroccan migrant was found floating in the waters of the Strait of Gibraltar on Sunday, without wearing a wetsuit. A cargo ship sailing in that area discovered him at midday, and the body was subsequently transported by the Guardia Civil to the port of Ceuta.

According to a spokesperson for the Guardia Civil, the discovery occurred around 2pm on Sunday (June 4) when the vessel alerted the Maritime Rescue Coordination Centre in Tarifa about the presence of a person in the sea.

Along with the body, other floating objects were found, such as a board and a float that the individual had likely used in an attempt to reach the Spanish coast.

The Civil Guard of Ceuta, through their Maritime Service, promptly responded to the situation as they were closer to the location than the Maritime Rescue boats.

The body, which had been deceased for a few hours, has been transported to the port of Ceuta, where an autopsy will be conducted.

The onset of good weather often leads to an increase in these illegal crossings, where many migrants risk their lives in search of better conditions.

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This tragedy underscores the perils faced by those who embark on these treacherous sea journeys without proper equipment or safety measures.

Authorities are continuing their efforts to identify the young migrant and are in contact with the Moroccan authorities to inform the family about this tragic event.

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega

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