Man and young boys cling to sinking boat for hour while being stung by jellyfish

A man and two-nine-year-old boys were plucked from the ocean with hypothermia and jellyfish stings after clinging to their sinking boat for more than an hour.

In a dramatic rescue video, filmed 50 miles south of Perth in Western Australia on Saturday (August 14) a police helicopter hovers above the stricken family.

None of them appear to be wearing lifejackets but the nose of the small boat is still poking through the waves and they are huddled on top of it together.

By pure fluke, an emergency radio drifted free from the boat and the man was able to pick it up and request help, with assistance arriving 20 minutes later.

As shown in the footage, the man and his boys are able to board the back of the rescue vessel and get medical treatment.

WA Police Force shared the clip on Twitter and wrote: "Around 4.20pm yesterday (14 August) a 5m fibreglass vessel started taking on water after being swamped by a large wave.

"Police Air Wing and Water Police officers along with Mandurah Marine Rescue were despatched."

One user wrote: "How scary but glad to hear a safe outcome.

"Not going to add to the 'what should have been done'.

"In hindsight, I'm sure the parents/care-givers have been through enough and probably feel pretty guilty enough as is."

Someone else commented: "Amazing rescue and glad to see them returned safe and sound to their family.

"As someone who's lost a loved one to the ocean, this man and two boys are incredibly lucky. Well done."

"How scary for them all. Thank God they were able to radio for help and be rescued," wrote another person.

A fourth viewer said: "Well done to all involved in this rescue.

"The three were very lucky that safety transmissions floated out of the boat. Hope they recovered all right."

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