Man accused of killing own gran, 82, by keeping her in freezer for months

A man has been charged with killing his grandmother after he stuffed her alive into a freezer where he hid her body for months, police say.

Doris Cumming, 82, had taken a fall but was still breathing when 29-year-old Robert Tincher III "heard and saw numerous bones break" as he dragged her through their apartment.

Tincher has been charged by Floyd County Police in Georgia, US, of murdering his grandmother in December and keeping her frozen corpse a secret from the authorities.

Investigator Brittany Werner said Tincher put Doris' body in plastic bags but she was still moving inside the freezer.

She said: "From what we determined, at the time, he believed she was still breathing and had some movement at the time she was going into the freezer."

After a few months since the grandmother's death, police say Tincher moved the freezer somewhere else with the body still inside.

Tincher explained that the reason he never went to the police to report his grandmother's death is because a warrant was already out for him involving terroristic threats made on social media toward his wife.

Werner said that despite Tincher's alleged crimes, he told police how much he loved his grandmother.

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She said: "He said she was the only family member that gave him the courtesy and love and attention he needed."

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation is carrying out an autopsy in a crime lab to determine the cause and time of Cumming's death.

Meanwhile in New York, a woman's dismembered body was found shoved inside a blood-soaked duffel bag in Queens.

Police were alerted to the horrifying discovery on Saturday morning (April 14), which local residents found on Metropolitan Avenue, near a popular walking path.

Van Nostrand, 51, said he'd been walking through the nearby Forest Park with his two dogs, and was on his way home, when he noticed what he said was a Bauer hockey duffel bag. Police have since revealed that the body belongs to mum Orsolya Gaall.

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