Majority of Coloradans are still hesitant to travel amid COVID-19 pandemic, survey finds – The Denver Post

A majority of Coloradans are still hesitant to travel amid the COVID-19 pandemic, according to AAA Colorado. In a recent survey from AAA Travel, vaccine rollouts have not calmed concerns about traveling.

The main concerns for Coloradans in the study:

  • Fears of getting sick (60%)
  • Concerns about the number of COVID-19 cases (56%)
  • Concerns about new strains of COVID-19 (47%)

Only 26% of Coloradans are less comfortable traveling now due to financial concerns than when the pandemic began. This is surprising given the fiscal damage that COVID-19 has caused.

The survey also found 66% of Coloradans canceled or rescheduled their 2020 travel plans, and 80% did not make, plan to cancel, or hope to reschedule their plans for this year.

Just 32% of Coloradans report being comfortable with taking a commercial flight and 47% say they would feel safe in a hotel. By contrast, 84% say they would be fine in a car for a road trip if they were to travel and 73% are comfortable camping.

Travelers are growing more confident across the board, with 19% of Coloradans saying they are more comfortable traveling now than in March of 2020. Factors like the implementation of mask use and cleaning policies (52%), more knowledge about how the virus spreads (40%) and quarantine fatigue (25%) were listed.

A few more interesting facts from the survey:

  • 95% of Coloradans will wear a mask in public while traveling
  • 40% are more likely to visit a destination with a mask mandate
  • 51% are driving less due to the pandemic
  • 33% are more likely to purchase travel insurance than before the pandemic

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