Major brawl breaks out on flight as pilot ‘loses tooth and steward breaks arm’

A pilot and cabin crew member have been suspended after a brawl broke out while the aircraft was in the air.

The pilot and male steward fought after a passenger ignored instructions telling them to return to their seats, it's been reported.

Chinese Donghai Airlines said it had suspended the pilot and flight attendant after they assaulted each other during a flight, 50 minutes from landing, local media states.

The pilot was using the bathroom when a first-class cabin passenger wished to use the toilet, and when asked to wait in their seat he ignored the request, posts on social media claim.

The passenger was spotted still standing at the bathroom door by the pilot, who then told off the crew member for "not doing his job properly and affecting flying safety", it's reported by witnesses.

The argument then allegedly spiralled out of hand and became physical, and ended with the flight attendant breaking his arm and the pilot losing a tooth.

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The airline issued a statement on Sunday afternoon for the DZ6297 flight from Nantong to Zian, which took place on February 20, after rumours about the incident grew on social media.

It confirmed the assault happened and that the pair had been suspended from their jobs.

“The company attached high importance to the argument among the crew members during flight and conducted a strict internal verification, ” the statement said.

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"Those staff members involved have been suspended their job to ensure flight safety."

The company also said it's conducting an "overall safety rectification" after the incident.

In July 2018, the airline's pilots allowed his wife to be in his cockpit on two separate domestic flights.

He bought a ticket for his spouse but allowed her to stay on the plane outside of the locations on her ticket. It was unclear how long or at what stage the woman was in the cockpit.

The company said at the time it would improve safety measures to prevent similar incidents from taking place in the future.

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