Maggots coming from flat lead to starved cannibal dogs that man abandoned

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    Neighbours who reported an overwhelming 'smell of decay' from the flat above then called authorities when maggots began coming through their ceiling.

    The home was being lived in by Paul Wynne, whose partner had left him responsible for several dogs and other animals when she moved out to care for her unwell mother.

    The 41-year-old appeared at Liverpool Magistrates' Court yesterday afternoon (Wednesday, May 31). He pleaded guilty to charges regarding the treatment of animals in his care.

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    The Liverpool ECHO reported that neighbours had complained about a bad smell of decay coming from the flat and "maggots coming through the ceiling of the flat below" in October last year.

    After officers gained entry they found no sign of human life, but upon examination of the property found the skeletal remains of three dogs in an advanced state of decomposition.

    An RSPCA inspector attended the address along with Merseyside Police on November 1 and regained entry with the permission of Wynne's partner, whose name was on the lease.

    The court heard how a black male lurcher-type dog called Blue was found in a crate in the middle of the living room.

    Upon further examination it became clear to the RSPCA that there was a second dog, also identified as a lurcher-type and called George, in the cage.

    Horrifyingly, one of the lurchers had nails and dog hair in its stomach suggesting the desperate animal had resorted to cannibalising the other dog in the cage.

    The prosecution said the living room was "filthy" due to white and black faeces covering the floor.

    The inspector noted there was no food or water bowls in the room for the animals, while flies and other insects covered the room.

    The kitchen door was open and a dead puppy, a saluki cross-type dog named Polly, was on the floor surrounded by dried blood. Four dead ferrets were also found in a hutch.

    Wynne's partner, Laura Martin, told inspectors she tried to return to the flat on October 6, but he had changed the locks.

    The first she knew about what had happened inside the flat was when she was contacted to allow the RSPCA to gain entry.

    Wynne pleaded guilty to three offences under the Animal Welfare Act, one of causing unnecessary suffering to Blue, one of failing to ensure the needs of Blue, George and Polly were met; and one of failing to ensure the needs of the four ferrets.

    The case will be sent up to Liverpool Crown Court for sentencing on June 28.

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