Macrons health dictatorship sparks massive revolt as French long for British freedom

Emmanuel Macron portrait smashed by protestors in Poitiers

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France’s constitutional authority passed an extension to the legislation on Thursday sparking mass criticism from officials across the country who called on the public to protest. With the pass continuing to limit access to cafes, restaurants and some trains, MEP Florian Philippot claimed the public had been betrayed. He called on large protests this Saturday to show the public will not stand for Mr Macron’s legislation.

The leader of Les Patriotes party said: “With this decision, the Constitutional Council betrays the Constitution, France and the French.

“The demonstration this Saturday 7 August must be massive!

“Faced with institutions that have betrayed everything, the people must be proud and standing!”

Fellow Les Patriotes party member, Joffrey Bollee also praised the UK for refusing to institute domestic vaccine passports.

He said: “To realise how serious and utterly delusional this is, just look across the Channel: faced with the same health reality, the British are choosing total freedom, while France, by law, is establishing a health dictatorship.

“There is no reason to let lies triumph, no reason to capitulate to sanitary stupidity, just like lockdowns, the Health Pass will not have an impact on the epidemic.

“We are the only guarantors of our freedoms!

“Everyone to the demonstration on August 7!”

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Mr Macron announced the new legislation in July amid the rise in the Delta variant which has fulled a fourth wave in France.

The Constitutional Court announced on August 5, the law would be extended and will come into force from August 9 with added provisions.

Health workers and firefighters will now also be forced to have vaccinations.

Those who refuse a mandatory vaccination could have their contracts suspended.


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Although the initial announcement in July caused a wave of vaccinations, Mr Macron has faced internal turmoil in the country with thousands taking to the streets to oppose the vaccine pass.

Such was the outrage in the country, the Interior Ministry reported over 200,000 protested across France last weekend.

In Paris, 3,000 anti-riot police officers were deployed to battle protestors.

The Autonomous Federation of Professional Firefighters and Specialised Administrative and Technical Staff (FA SPP-PATS) has condemned plans for mandatory jabs for some key workers.

The group, which represents 7,000 members warned it may strike over the legislation.

Mr Macron, however, attacked those who refused the vaccine pass and indeed a vaccine shot.

He said: “I consider that the very existence of democracies is at stake.

“Their attitude is a threat to democracy.

“They confuse everything.”

Additional reporting by Maria Ortega.

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