Macron emergency meeting as violent clashes continue in France

President Emmanuel Macron chaired a special security meeting on Sunday (July 2) as protests continued for a sixth night in France after the killing of a teenager in Paris.

Mr Macron delayed the start of the first state visit to Germany in 23 years as rioting and violence continued across the country. An official present at the security meeting said Mr Macron plans to meet with the leaders of both houses of parliament on Monday, followed by discussions with mayors in the 220 towns and cities affected by the protests.

He also wants to start a detailed, longer-term assessment of the reasons that led to the unrest. The protests have highlighted  deep-seated discontent in low-income neighbourhoods – the official told Associated Press. 

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According to the interior ministry, 78 arrests were made nationwide on Sunday – a sharp drop in the 719 in the previous 24 hours. This took the total number of arrests to more than 3,000 since the shooting of the 17-year-old, who has been identified only as Nahel, in the Paris suburb of Nanterre.

He was laid to rest in a Muslim ceremony on Saturday with his grandmother calling for an end to the violence.  The office of interior minister Gerald Darmanin said 45,000 police officers would again be deployed in the streets which saw a burning car hit the home of the mayor of the Paris suburb of L’Hay-les-Roses.

Skirmishes erupted in the Mediterranean city of Marseille on Sunday, but appeared less intense than the night before, according to the interior ministry.  And in the South American overseas territory of French Guiana, a 54-year-old died after being hit by a stray bullet.

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