Lukashenko reignites hope for peace talks between Russia and Ukraine in autumn

Lukashenko to take Skabeyeva to the nuclear weapons storage

In a recent press conference with foreign and Belarusian media, President Alexander Lukashenko of Belarus expressed optimism for a potential shift in the Russia-Ukraine war by autumn, with the possibility of peace negotiations commencing.

The Belarusian President also underscored the significance of seizing the opportune moment for dialogue, regardless of the choice of venue, be it Moscow or Minsk.

He said: “By autumn, the situation should change, and we will start talking at the negotiating table. Perhaps. Maybe not in September, a little later.

“I don’t want to give out any information, but the Europeans are already talking about this. France, Germany. most of all Europeans. And the beneficiary is actually one country.

“The main thing is to stop this conflict.

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“Powerful strong Russia, let it not surprise anyone, is ready for negotiations with Ukraine. Well, I don’t want people to die. And if tomorrow the Russians grind these forces and see the opportunity to attack in the south of Transnistria, what then?

“Will Russia sit down at the negotiating table? Unlikely. The situation will change and the approaches will be different. Therefore, if someone is waiting for this ‘counterattack’…

“If it does not work out, then we will sit down at the negotiating table and Russia can send in Russian and very far.

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“Therefore, you need to take advantage of the moment. Because the dynamics are frantic. The development of the situation is instantaneous at times, and this must be used.”

Asked about Ukrainian territories annexed to Russia, he added: “Will Russia discuss Crimea and Novorossiya? Never! The situation has changed.

“And then (during the previous rounds of negotiations) it was still possible. And tomorrow, maybe, no one will need negotiations at all. Zelensky is sitting and drawing, laying out something – this is only for themselves. Because the situation will change. Therefore, what was then, I think, 50 percent now is unacceptable.

“But the Russians will not insist. I know Putin’s position. He will go to discuss any issues. But let’s sit down at the negotiating table. Without preconditions.”

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