Lotto Powerball: Lucky Aucklander is $14.25 million richer

Lotto Powerball has been struck – with one lucky Auckland player set to wake up $14.25 million richer tomorrow.

The prize poll includes the Powerball $14m jackpot and a further $250,000 from Lotto Division One.

The lucky numbers in tonight’s draw were: 24, 1, 35, 22, 8 and 40. The Powerball was 5 and the Bonus Ball was 6.

Lotto confirmed the prize was one by an Auckland MyLotto player.

Tonight’s winner is the ninth Powerball winner already this year and comes just three weeks after a MyLotto player from Northland won $4.25 million with Powerball First Division.

The lucky winner celebrated in true Kiwi style with fish and chips on the beach with her family.

The woman, who wants to remain anonymous, couldn’t quite believe her eyes when she discovered she was a multi-millionaire.

The winner said she picks up a ticket on MyLotto every now and then when she remembers.

The stars aligned when she remembered to grab herself a ticket just minutes before sales closed on MyLotto.

“When I received the email saying that I had a prize to claim, I thought I must have won something small,” she said.

“So when logged in I was pretty shocked to see I’d won $4250 – then I looked again and saw all the zeroes and commas at the end and thought ‘oh my goodness, it’s a bit more than that’,” the woman said.

Last week a lucky Greymouth player revealed they even asked Google what to do after scoring big.

The lucky winner, who did not want to be named, had not realised he had won $1 million until he checked his ticket using the self-checker at the Lotto counter at the supermarket on Saturday.

“I saw ‘major prize winner’ appear on the screen and was pretty stunned. The supermarket was busy, so I slipped back to my car and googled, ‘what to do if you win Lotto’,” the man said.

“I saw a comment from Lotto NZ saying to write your name on the back of the ticket immediately, so that’s what I did.”

Still sitting in his car in the supermarket carpark, the stunned man called his brother to check he had the right numbers and come up with a plan.

“My brother went online and double checked that I had the right draw, then read the winning numbers back to me as I carefully checked them off on my ticket. When I told him I had all six he got so excited and said: ‘I’m pretty sure you’ve just won Lotto!’.”

His brother suggested he return to the supermarket to claim the prize the next morning when the store would be quieter, with the man then tucking the winning ticket sitting safely in his wallet.

He returned to the store the next day to claim his $1m prize.

With his new-found fortune, the winner is looking forward to paying off his mortgage and taking a few more holidays.

“I’ll definitely take my brother out for a drink when I see him next – we’ve definitely got to celebrate!”

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