Londoners stunned as theyre handed free Easter eggs with sex toys inside

Easter is a holiday for giving, which is why one company wanted to ensure singles get to enjoy the holiday period by offering Londoners a "naughty" surprise.

Ahead of the special holiday, workers and interns at Dating app Thursday took to Liverpool Street to offer a kinky Easter egg to passers-by.

The app partnered with sex toy brand Ricky to give adults a chocolate treat with a twist today (April 13), by handing out eggs with a toy inside.

The Ricky Love Egg Surprise has been compared to an adult version of Kinder eggs and features objects such as a vibrator, a couple's simulator and more.

In footage published by the app on Instagram, Londoners were seen crowding around a trolley full of surprises for both men and women.

In a post uploaded on social media, Thursday said: "Here at Thursday we're passionate about self-pleasure, and so are our interns.

"So we partnered with @havearicky this Easter to hand out chocolate eggs with free sex toys inside them. Ever seen that before? Thought not."

In response, the post received over 7000 likes with many comments of interest about the exciting concept.

One person said: "I'm furious we're not at the office today, chocolate and sex toys for free at Liverpool Street."

While another commented: "I want an egg like this…is it too weird to ask my parents for one like that haha."

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Thursday is known for its outlandish and clever marketing stunts, with one of their interns previously handcuffing herself to a pole in central London.

Anya Jackson carried out the stunt in line with "cuffing season" during a paid internship with the dating app, in the hopes to get them more downloads.

The 22-year-old said she had the "best time working" with the team and said they pushed her to be "creative and crazy" in her nine weeks with them.

It is unclear how long the eggs are being handed out for.

For more information on the Ricky Love Egg surprise visit here.

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