Loch Ness Monster hunter quit job and home in 1991 to search for beast every day

A Loch Ness Monster mad-man gave up everything to dedicate his life to hunting for the mythical beast.

Steve Feltham, 60, now lives on the east side of the famous Loch in an old mobile library as he monitors the waters.

He’s parked up on Dores Beach to fulfil his dream of finding Nessie once and for all after his interest was piqued as a seven-year-old on a visit to the Loch.

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The Dorset man "fell in love with the mystery" and at the age of 28 traded it all in to head up and work on getting to the bottom of the great British legend.

Some 53 years after that fateful summer holiday he explained toThe Daily Recordhow he had become obsessed with the Loch Ness Investigation Bureau, which works to find Nessie around the clock.

"I just fell in love with the possibilities, the mystery,” he said.

“The prospect of grown men looking for monsters in a Scottish loch just captivated my seven-year-old imagination, and that never left me."

From here he became more and more interested, making “expeditions” to the area, funded by his work at his dad’s burglar alarm firm.

Soon though this wasn’t enough, and as he progressed through his 20s he decided to throw it all in and go full-time.

"Lots more holidays at Loch Ness resulted in me at the age of 28 thinking, 'what do I really want to do with my life?'

“‘Do I want to keep earning the money to get back to the Loch to find this monster, or find a way to move up and dedicate all my time to try and find it?"

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He quit his job, sold his house and bought his van – which has no electricity or running water – where he has lived since 1991.

Steve has had some exciting moments throughout his time there.

He said: "Last time I got really excited about [it] was in 2020, September 10. It was a sonar contact by Ronald MacKenzie who operates Cruise Loch Ness boats.

"He's been driving that boat for 40 years and then, out of the blue, there was a very big sonar contact 600 feet down, which wasn't there on the previous trip and wasn't there on the following trip. I think that's the best bit of evidence I've ever seen."

He added: "I've only really seen one object on the surface which defies explanation completely to me, in the first year of being here. It was like a torpedo shooting through the water.

"To this day, the chase and the possibility bring me joy. Pretty much on a weekly basis, I'll get to see a new piece of possible evidence

"And that keeps me excited. It means that's another piece in the jigsaw puzzle of what it is we're looking for."

You can find out more aboutSteve on his website.

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