Landlord who told barmaid to pull pints topless slammed as degrading by locals

A pub landlord who hosted topless nights where his barmaids pulled pints with no shirts on has been branded "out of touch" for the events that were "degrading to women."

Glenn Chadwick, who runs Hardy's Pub in the rural village of Dorchester, Dorset, responded to the backlash saying if you don't like it, don't come.

The first event, which lasted two hours, was with a topless barmaid whom Mr Chadwick says "had no issues – the girl that came in had an absolute ball here, loved it, and happy to come back again."

He also clarified that for the second night, the two barmaids "weren't topless, and they were hostesses for the night" instead wearing provocative outfits.

Glenn told Bridport News: "I have spoken to licensing at Dorset Council and they have told me I'm legally allowed to do it.

"It's no different to having a stripper come in for a stag do.

"Licensing doesn't like it and would prefer I would not hold these events. I would tell people who have a problem to not come to these nights out. No one is forcing them to.

"The events were held between 10pm and midnight, and they were not for men only. Women were also in attendance, some of whom were wearing less than the barmaids."

Mr Chadwick argues that the event is not too indifferent from what might occur at other stag nights and special occasions. He also argued that "there isn't a major town in the UK that doesn't have a strip joint."

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"I'm not breaking any law as long as I abide by the current restrictions, which I am doing," Glen added.

"Unfortunately, after the abuse, I've got from some people about the topless night, I've been put off from holding any more similar events in the future."

One person, commenting online, said the nights were "degrading to women".

One said: "This is the sort of Carry On stunt that pubs and clubs did in the 1970s – I thought we'd moved on from that."

Dorset Council said "We have had a meeting with the area manager and we understand that the matter has now been resolved."

"We pride ourselves on not being prejudice in any way shape or form, so to have negative comments thrown at me felt grossly unfair," Glenn told Dorset Live.

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