Labrador branded Drama Queen for reaction to eating an orange slice

A greedy Labrador cross had a dramatic reaction to eating a slice of tangerine he didn't even want in the first place.

In a TikTok video uploaded by @msdiffie, Jake the dog is offered a piece of the citrus fruit and turns his nose up after giving it a dubious sniff.

But when it's offered to Blue the Staffordshire bull terrier, the fruit quickly disappears down the pooch's mouth.

Jake then gets "jealous" at the sight of the Staffie enjoying a treat and takes another piece of the tangerine from his owner only to gag in disgust while trying to eat it.

"Ever seen a dog know he doesn't like something but eat it cause his brother got some?" Jake's owner joked in the caption.

The video was watched more than 6 million times and people said it was a familiar scene of doggie rivalry.

One viewer shared: "My oldest used to hate veggies and fruit but since her baby brother joined the fam she likes everything just like him."

A second added: "My cats are EXACTLY like that. One hates cheese, but god forbid her sister gets something she doesn’t."

"This is how we would get one of our dogs to take medicine," shared a third viewer.

Someone else confessed: "Omg our dogs do this with Brussels sprouts!

"The oldest loves them and her sister gets jealous but spits it on the floor."

When some trolls criticised Jake's owner for feeding him oranges, claiming they were bad for canine health, she responded by citing an article posted by the American Kennel Club which said the fruit was a good source of potassium and perfectly fine for dogs to eat.

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