King Charles brutal six-word response when Queen asked him to call Prince Harry

King Charles once told his late-mother the Queen that he was “not a bank” when she asked why he refused to call his controversial son Prince Harry.

Harry, who left the UK in 2020 with wife Meghan Markle when they fled to California, had refused to speak to anyone from his family at the time.

Despite the Queen pleading and offering to make peace between everyone, after it emerged of a huge Royal rift between Charles, Prince William and Make Middleton against Prince Harry and Meghan, the King seemingly refused to help.

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And according to a source speaking to The Sun, the Queen was being “bombarded” with calls from the ginger prince during her final few months.

But when asked by his mother to call him, King Charles refused and told her that he should email him.

He further elaborated: “Because I am not a bank”.

The source added: “Members of the family, including William, had stopped speaking to Harry when they learned of his book deal, fearing what they said could end up in print.

“Harry is not as well off as people are led to believe.

“He was wanting money.”

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Rumours and insider commentary is set to ramp up over the next few days, ahead of the release of Harry and Meghan's tell-all Netflix documentary.

The documentary, called “Harry and Meghan”, is hitting the streaming service later this month (December).

Ahead of its release, a body language expert said Prince Harry looks "angry" while Meghan Markle lacks confidence in the pair's Netflix trailer.

Adrianne Carter of the Face Whisperer decoded the couple's behaviour in the trailer, which landed on Thursday (Dec 1) ahead of the release of their long-awaited documentary.

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Carter said that Harry's body language suggests he and his family didn't feel "protected" by the system they were in while he and Meghan were working members of the royal family.

"[Harry is seen] shaking his head when saying 'I had to protect my family,'" she said.

"I think the head shake is showing us that he didn't feel the 'system' protected his family and so he's had to do it.

"He is also showing signs of anger as he says it – hard-focused eyes and tight lips."

Meanwhile, Carter said Meghan showed classic signs that she "doesn't have any confidence" in the words she said.

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