King cant prepare for storm from Harry and Meghans Netflix doc, says expert

King Charles and the rest of the Royal Family "can't prepare" for what's to come from Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's Netflix documentary, according to a royal expert.

The streaming giant today (Thursday, December 1) released the much-anticipated trailer for Harry & Meghan, a six-part docuseries set to be released on December 8.

In it, Harry warned that "no one sees what happens behind closed doors", whereas Meghan said: "When the stakes are this high, doesn't it make more sense to hear our story from us?"

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It is expected to contain a number of bombshell revelations regarding the Royal Family.

Royal expert Richard Fitzwilliams said that the Sussexes are "controlling the narrative", something he finds "worrying".

He told the Daily Star: "They’re talking to camera, we don’t know who’s interviewing them or whatever, they’re not being probed I shouldn’t think – they weren’t on Oprah.

"Obviously, the royals will be concerned about this.

"[This is] a very tricky time for the Royal Family."

Addressing how the King may look to weather the storm that's about to come, Mr Fitzwilliams explained how the Royal Family can't hit back.

He said: "The thing is you can’t easily prepare for it, because by preparing – that normally means you can make a rebuttal.

"The Royal Family are in an extremely fortunate spot in normal circumstances as the world’s most high-profile Royal Family.

"You have jubilees, the news is good, you have weddings, you get soft power and tour – and you can respond to anything that’s said that you don’t like.

"But the problem, especially in the era of Twitter and Facebook and the 24-hour news cycle, is it's tremendously pressuring because the moment something goes wrong it goes worldwide. It's very difficult to know what to do about it.

"After Oprah there was just a statement, that’s all they [the Royal Family] could do.

"Even if you demolish the arguments, that gives far more weight to the points and makes them the subject of more debate. So it’s impossible. The royals can’t really hit back."

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