Kim Jong-un’s new warcraft exposed in chilling satellite photos of hermit state

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This advanced submarine has been called the Sinpo C by weapons experts. It joins Pyongyang’s fleet of around 70 submarines, but experts say many of these are old and not able to fire nuclear-armed ballistic missiles. The North Korean watch group 38 North reported the new submarine, describing it as an “unusual object”.

It is well-known Kim Jong-un has dedicated much of his time as leader of the country to developing bigger and more advanced nuclear weapons.

In August 2019, satellites images showed the state was building a submarine which had the ability to launch ballistic missiles.

North Korea has one of the world’s largest submarine fleets and is known for producing mini-submarines.

The hermit state has deployed the submarines against South Korea in the past.

The submarine has a sail, which can be used to allow crew to safely enter and exit the submarine without it being flooded by waves.

A North Korea submarine missile could potentially reach as far as Taiwan without leaving its zone of security.

A spy agency in Seoul has also detected North Korean submarines, which can be used to launch ballistic missiles.

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In July 2019, North Korea revealed one of their new submarines.

Pictures revealed dictator Kim Jong-un inspecting the submarine in Sinpo shipyard.

Jeffrey Lewis, director of the East Asia Nonproliferation Program at the Middlebury Institute, said: “North Korea has erected a structure in the secure boat basin to hide the new submarine.

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“This suggests that the submarine has been launched or will be soon.”

The COVID-19 pandemic has meant North Korea has been forced to scale back its military exercises.

Missile tests carried out last year showed the state has made progress in developing rockets, which are quick to deploy and difficult to intercept.

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