Kate Middleton cant switch off while Will can relax with cocktail – expert

Prince William finds it much easier to switch off than his wife Kate Middleton, an expert has claimed.

Body language guru Judi James has studied the pair's non-verbal cues – including determining which of six different sunbathing styles they have – to learn more about the Duke and Duchess as they relaxed on various trips they have taken, from their royal tour of the Caribbean to royal engagements in Australia.

James looked at photographs of the lovebirds, finding that the couple are 'opposites' when it comes to the way they tan or how they wind down and relax, Express.co.uk reports.

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She claimed that, since Kate has three young children, "she may get less time for her natural relaxed state than she would like."

"She may find it hard to lie out and switch off for more than a few minutes before feeling impelled to sit up and check everything is ok," she said.

"This would be based on wariness rather than boredom."

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However, when it comes to William, it's a very different story.

Judi said: "William’s overall body poses, with his weight on one leg and his hands on his hips, suggest a capacity for switching off when possible.

"As well as the kind of confidence, that would lead to several self-rewarding behaviours, if and when he finally did have time to hit the beach.”

As for the six sunbathing types, James whittled William down to just one, whereas Kate alternated between two.

Judi said: "I’d see William as a ‘Chill and Refill’ sunbather, as someone able to stretch out and relax with a cocktail in one hand and a good book in the other.

"Kate, she may vary between the ‘Sleeping Beauty’ and the ‘Fidgeter’.

"She will most likely try and lie back on a sun lounger and use this time to switch off and recharge, like the ‘Sleeping Beauty’, however, she might find this hard to do."

Judi observed that while the couple’s body language may be opposite, their subtle cues also show how much they treasure their time together.

She added: “Free time that is not spent with the children on a family holiday would probably be at a premium for William, so I would see him making the most of it when it does come around.”


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