Kate Middleton blasted for not wearing hair net on Royal visit to London bakery

Kate Middleton has been blasted for not wearing a hairnet and gloves when she helped prepare dough at a bakery.

The Duchess of Cambridge was accused of making "hairy pastries" after she and her husband Prince William visited the Beigel Bake in east London.

A film of them rolling up their sleeves on Tuesday has received mix reactions due to hygiene concerns.

One Twitter user wrote "that is how you do it" next to photos of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle wearing hair nets and gloves while helping at a bakery.

User @spoilpartygames said: "Hairy pastries?"

Daisy-Mai Brennan added: "She should have tied her hair up!"

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Others added: "No gloves, no hair protection….? It’s nice that they do the engagement, but basic rules of hygiene when handling food should be followed.

"Dealing with food and Kate doesn't have her hair pulled back? Gross.

"How can any bakery allow staff and visitors who are making food not to have their hair tied back or wear hairnets? it's a legal requirement to make sure that food is not contaminated by any foreign object including hair."

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"I’m not sure I would want bagels made by someone with their hair down. As someone who regularly finds their own hair in their food…"

User Summer Belle said: "The Duchess Of Cambridge should not be preparing or serving food without tying her long hair back first as it's not hygienic.

"The Duchess Of Cambridge was wearing rings while helping to prepare Beigels, surely she should know that's not appropriate.

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Didn't anyone remind her?

"The Duke & Duchess carry out great work & they are supposed to lead by example."

Harry and Meghan were pictured wearing aprons, face masks and hair nets and matching white shirts as they helped prepare food parcels at Homeboy Bakery in Los Angeles on June 23.

They joined around two dozen members of Homeboy Industries for a cooking session as part of the organisation’s Feed Hope programme.

Homeboy Industries, it states on its website, is the “largest gang intervention, rehab and re-entry programme in the world”, having been founded in the late 1980s.

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