Kate fans hit back at copycat claims saying Meghan doesnt own the colour blue

Several members of the Royal Family gathered at Westminster Abbey in London on Monday for the return of the Commonwealth Day church service after a Covid-induced hiatus yesterday.

But all eyes were trained on Duchess Kate Middleton, who along with her husband Prince William were among the first to arrive for the afternoon service, dressed in complementary blue tones.

Harper's Bazaar reported that the Duchess wore a bespoke Catherine Walker coat dress, Lock & Co hat, and Rupert Sanderson shoes.

The ensemble, completely blue, was believed to be a nod to Ukraine in support of the country which is currently experiencing an invasion at the hands of Vladimir Putin's Russia.

But Meghan Markle fans had different ideas.

In response to Harper's Bazaar's headline 'This Is the Reason Behind Duchess Kate's Commonwealth Service Look', one social media user claimed the Duchess was inspired by her American compatriot.

"Possibly it’s because she has this crush, with this impossibly good-looking woman who touches people‘s hearts all over the world," Twitter user @HatPlatz wrote alongside a collage of images of Meghan wearing blue.

"That makes perfect sense," she added, insinuating that Kate copied Meghan's colour scheme.

But Kate fans weren't taking it lying down. One wrote: "Why would the duchess of Cambridge want to copy MM?

"Catherine has taste, clothes that fit and flatter her and that are suitable for the occasion, and owns a hair brush. MM does not own the colour blue."

One Meghan fan replied with a sick face emoji, to which a fan of Kate's called her bitter and said that the Duchess of Cambridge is living "rent free" in her head.

"I think you’ll find that Catherine was dressing in blue long before Megain [sic] was on the scene," said another Kate fan.

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"Ummm they are NOT in the same league," another said.

Meanwhile the Duchess of Cambridge performed a huge "act of inconvenience" as she greeted her stepmother-in-law Camilla at the service, according to body language expert Judi James.

Kate was keen to show her affection and closeness to Camilla, who is set to be the next Queen Consort ahead of her stepdaughter-in-law, Judi said, telling the Mirror: "Kate touched Camilla’s arm with her left hand as an add-on gesture to suggest closeness and affection as they cheek-kissed.

"She also performed a huge ‘act of inconvenience’ to show respect, bending her knees to lower herself right down to plant her kiss on Camilla’s cheeks."

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