Joe Hendry not bothered by legacy after crazy Impact title win

Marking his return to Impact in style with a Bound for Glory PPV debut and a title win, Commonwealth star Joe Hendry has said he is "not bothered" about cementing a "legacy".

His comments, which were made in an exclusive Daily Star interview, come just a month after a "crazy" Impact PPV appearance that saw him bag his first bit of gold for the division.

Hendry's return saw him bag the Impact Digital Media Championship, in a return that he cited as "a little bit too perfectly" and an "awesome" appearance.

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Said return though comes with a change in approach for Hendry, who is no longer bothered about the "legacy perspective."

Speaking to Daily Star on his championship victory, Hendry said: "I've put in a lot of work to get back to this point. I've got a real sense of gratitude to Impact Wrestling for giving me the ball and giving me a chance to run with it.

"It's pretty wild. It's crazy how life can change, it's always darkest before the dawn. Everything I went through, to get my visa, to get back to Imapct, to overcome everything that's happened, it's an amazing feeling.

"It's not something that I take lightly, either. I'm ready to go. In my mind, I want to know how far I can take this for not just myself, but for Impact."

His first stint with the company was short-lived, as Hendry "could only perform in Canada and Mexico because I didn't have the US visa."

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But now, the Commonwealth gold medallist feels "much more confident" performing "at a world class level", and it stems from a change in perspective on his legacy.

Hendry said: "When I approached wrestling, I used to only think about it from a legacy perspective. I wasn't thinking about the experience. It was more about what you leave behind. I think it's important to try and enjoy your work.

"I'm in a spot now where I can't remember being more passionate about professional wrestling. I wasn't bothered about the experience. It was more about what you leave behind type thing.

"I used to think about it purely from a legacy perspective, whereas now, genuinely, my focus – and I've spoken with the creative team in depth about this – my focus is on whatever individual thing that we are doing, how can we entertain the audience?"

Hendry, who added that "a lot of wrestlers could benefit" from looking into stoicism and the "freedom" of it, was full of praise for ImpactTV, too.

"I remember when I was either 17 or 18, watching Samoa Joe vs. Kurt Angle on my video iPod, the confrontation match," which is now made significantly easier to watch through Impact's streaming service.

Hendry, seeking legacy or not, has cemented his own with a potential appearance at the iconic Atlanta, Georgia venue on January 13 for the Hard to Kill PPV.

Speaking of the venue, Hendry said: "It's one of the most iconic venues in the history of wrestling. This is where Ric Flair defended the title on a regular basis. This venue is iconic."

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