Joe Biden’s dogs Major and Champ who will move into White House and make history

President-elect Joe Biden will take his adorable dogs with him into the White House, resuming the U.S. tradition of having a furry friend in office.

Donald Trump’s administration made the White house a pet-free zone over the last four years, with Trump previously claiming he didn’t have time to take care of an animal.

From January 20 2021, Joe Biden and his wife Jill will grace the halls with their two German Shepherds, Champ and Major.

Champ was purchased from a breeder in 2008 and Major will be the first rescue dog to live at the White House.

Mr and Mrs Biden adopted Major from the Delaware Humane Association animal shelter in 2018.

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Pictures from the happy day show Joe and Major proudly sat together as the rescue pup awaited to move into his new home.

Major had a tragic upbringing as he and his siblings had been left at the shelter because the litter suffered from poor health.

Let’s hope Major and Champ get along with Socks, the famous black and white cat that lives in the White House, and once belonged to the Clinton family.

The Clintons adopted the stray after the animal jumped into the arms of Chelsea Clinton in Arkansas.

Socks joined the Clinton's dog buddy, a chocolate Labrador, at the White House, and hasn't left since, despite his owner's moving out.

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President George Bush also had dogs at the White House – two Scottish Terriers called Miss Beazley and Barney and an English Springer Spaniel called Spot.

The animal tradition goes back as far as Roosevelt, who had a beloved dog called Fala, a Scottish terrier who became so famous he had cartoons and a film made about him.

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The President-elect and Vice President-elect, Kamala Harris, will take up office in January after beating Donald Trump in a landslide election.

Biden and Harris turned red states Penslyvannia, Georgia and Nevada to win the top spot, sparking fury from the Trump campaign who claim, without evidence, the election was rigged.

Trump has been branded a "sore loser" by several outlets, including press invited to hear the President speak at the White House.

In a heartwarming video, Harris can be seen congratulating Joe after a hard-fought campaign, telling the soon-to-be president: "We did it Joe."

Adding in euphoric relief: "You're the next president of the United States."

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