Joe Biden health: Presidential hopeful urged to take ‘routine test’ before taking office

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The results of the 2020 US election are yet to be confirmed but they currently point to a victory for the Democrats, under Barack Obama’s former Vice President. Donald Trump has contested the outcome in the states of Georgia, Michigan and Pennsylvania on baseless claims of “voter fraud”. During a press conference yesterday, Mr Biden announced he believed they “will be the winners” of the presidential race but stopped short of declaring victory. If the hopeful leader does take over, forensic psychiatrist Dr Bandy X Lee demanded that he should undergo a vital health test before he enters the White House. 

For future leaders of the US, she felt there was a desperate need for further checks that analyse candidates’ mental health.

Dr Lee told “I still recommend that all presidential and vice-presidential candidates take fitness tests before assuming office.

“It is an incredible omission that a commander-in-chief is not required to take even the routine test.” 

She cited that “military officers, law enforcement personnel, and even those performing mundane jobs such as toxic waste removal” are all forced to undergo this type of analysis.

Dr Lee warned that this was especially important due to the powers granted to a president and claimed that high profile jobs attract people with concerning traits.

She told “Positions of power disproportionately attract individuals who are dangerously disordered.”

Despite this, from countless hours of analysis of the two hopeful leaders Dr Lee saw “nothing alarming” in Mr Biden and nothing to suggest “dangerousness or unfitness”.

In the past she wrote about her fears for the Trump presidency and questioned his mental health in several reports.

Claims about his health have been downplayed or rejected by the White House and several of his medical reports were released but their validity was questioned.

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Dr Sean Conley, who analysed Mr Trump last year, declared him to be “in very good health” and anticipated that he would “remain so for the duration of his presidency, and beyond”.

Dr Lee previously warned that if Mr Trump lost the election, he would not go down without a fight – as has been seen by his campaign’s decision to file lawsuits in three US states. 

She told that he is a “very concrete person” and so his “words apply either directly or in the exact opposite meaning”.

The forensic psychiatrist of Yale School of Medicine and a World Health Organisation adviser pointed to his statement in September when asked about a “peaceful transfer of power”.

Dr Lee said: “When he says, ‘There won’t be a transfer… There will be a continuation,’ I take him seriously, and of course it is very concerning.”

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She warned that polarity in the US over the two hopeful leaders could spill out into violence on the streets and at worst lead to World War 3.

Dr Lee listed a “range of probabilities” for what could happen if Mr Trump refused to leave the White House, all “based on his psychological makeup”.

She told “The first and foremost is any level of violence – civil war, international war or even nuclear war, which are all real possibilities.  

“The last is resignation and quitting, if only we had well-intentioned and psychologically astute people around him – currently, we have neither.”

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