Joe Biden doing WORSE than Hillary Clinton with key voters as Donald Trump eyes victory

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According to the 2020 exit polls, Hispanic voters have rejected Mr Biden, with the number supporting the Democrats massively down than on four years ago. This major drop was picked up on by commentator Andrew Neil who attacked a Democrat by demanding to know where the party goes from here, after it was unable to secure votes from a community expected to back Mr Biden. In what was seen as a key demographic for Mr Biden, many of those who voted for Hillary Clinton in 2016 have now opted to back Mr Trump, despite observers being surprised by their willingness to support such a “divisive” President.

The data, shared by CNN’s Ryan Struyk, shows that Mr Biden secured just over 50 percent of Hispanic voters in Florida – a key battleground state – compared to 62 percent under Ms Clinton.

In the state, Mr Trump also saw his share of Hispanic voters improve after initially securing 35 percent of their vote in 2016, compared to two in five votes this time around.

The trend was the same in Georgia and Ohio, again vital swing states, where the ex-Vice President secured 24 and 25 percent of the Hispanic vote.

This was massively down Mrs Clinton’s results, which saw the former nominee grab 40 and 41 percentage points respectively.


In cutting commentary for the BBC, Andrew Neil tore into Mary Anne Marsh, a Democrat political strategist, by demanding to know what went wrong with Mr Biden and why he wasn’t able to collect voters supposedly disgruntled with Mr Trump.

He said: “You’re up against a guy who is widely regarded as misogynist, particularly by your party and the media. He gets more white women votes than he did last time.

“America has been racked with racial divisions and unrest. We have had the riots of the Black Lives Matter movement in which your party has been a big supporter. He gets more black men and black women as well.

“More Latino men, and Latino women too. What has gone wrong with your party?”

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Ms Marsh replied: “I think it’s better to wait for all the ballots to be counted and see where they come, to see exactly where the breakdown is.

“Because seriously I’m not a big fan of exit polls and there are gold standards to everything. But I think it’s important to see exactly who votes, where they voted and who they were.

“I think there are a lot of questions to be answered on that front.”

Answers have also been demanded from others within the Democrats, including Chuck Rocha, who supports a pro-Biden committee within the Hispanic community.

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According to The New York Times, Mr Rocha accused the party of doing “outreach in the last couple of weeks of the campaign”, and that it “had to change” for the likes of Mr Biden to be able to continually count on their vote.

Although generating a surprise result within this community, Mr Biden was able to build on Mrs Clinton’s support among voters under the age of 30, particularly in two further key states.

In Wisconsin and Pennsylvania, almost two-thirds of the Hispanic community have backed Mr Biden, up from 47 percent and 52 percent respectively under Ms Clinton.

The surprising results have left the US election seemingly on a knife-edge, with votes in key states continuing to come through as the count goes on.

However, it is important to note that the election is far from over and many votes are yet to be counted.

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