Joe Biden begins creepily whispering during press conference as reporters weirded out

Joe Biden whispers into microphone during press conference

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US President Joe Biden creeped out reporters and the public when he chose to whisper down the microphone to put emphasis on his employment and relief points. Joe Biden whispered “pay them more” and “I wrote the bill” in a bizarre clip that left audiences both laughing and scared. Many people online ridiculed the US head of state as he adds to his long list of weird public gaffes since he took office. 

Mr Biden answered questions from reporters on Thursday who asked him how he will address the low levels of employment in the US. 

There are fears that his $300-a-week unemployment benefit is making many Americans not look for work as small businesses struggle to find staff.

He replied to reporters: “I’m not being critical of y’all, I really mean this. 

“It was a legitimate question you’re asking me where employers can’t find workers.

“Yeah, pay them more, this is an employee’s bargaining chip.”

Earlier in his conference, Mr Biden also whispered “I got them $1.9trillion relief so far” when people were grilling him over benefit and relief cheques. 

But viewers at home mocked Mr Biden over his strange whispering. 

One wrote: “Usually people whisper when they don’t want many people to hear them, Joe Biden is highly unusual.”

Joe Biden 'embarrassing' for 'forgetting words' says host

It is not the first time the US President has made gaffes in public as critics and fans alike have resorted to calling him “Sleepy Joe”.

Earlier this year, he questioned whether or not he answered reporters as he left a press conference. 

During a speech at a military base before the G7 Summit, he called the RAF the “RFA” and said he “forgets” he is president sometimes. 


Another said: “I love ya Joe Biden but stop that lean into the mic and whisper for emphasis thing”. 

Some people have also labelled Mr Biden as “Whisper in Chief” and said he was being cringeworthy.

Mr Biden has invested $1.2trillion into a new infrastructure plan which will target schools, transport, utilities and other public services. 

The eight-year plan will target the most vulnerable in America as the US comes out of the pandemic. 

But economists have noted the US has seen sharp inflation from May 2020 to May 2021 where the price of food and energy has risen by several percent. 

Mr Biden says the inflation is temporary and played down concerns of the rise in costs for everyday goods. 

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