Ive spent 20 years fighting my neighbour over 50ft hedge blocking out my view

A furious homeowner has slammed her neighbour for growing a 50ft "forest" outside of her home and ruining her picturesque view.

Val Horton says she has ensued in a battle with Valerie Vivian for 20 years after her neighbour planted a row of Leylandii trees in 2001.

She reached the peak of her frustration after the mammoth trees started to block her idyllic view of Solsbury Hill in Somerset.

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The once stunning backdrop became a famous spot after it was mentioned in a 1977 Peter Gabriel song – but according to Val, it has lost its desirability.

Val stressed that the trees eventually tainted the "wonderful vantage point" she had from her dining room.

She said she had pleaded with Bath and North East Somerset Council to take action under the High Hedges section of the Antisocial Behaviour Act – which states offending hedges can be chopped if they are a "barrier to light or access."

However, the law cannot help her as some properties are still able to get some sunlight, reports The Metro.

She initially joined forces with her neighbour Betty Kelley but said "poor Betty died without ever seeing it resolved."

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Val added that she can no longer grow produce at the bottom of her garden because the trees have shut off the light.

Following the nightmare ordeal, the homeowner has become "exhausted" by the lengthy dispute.

She told The Sun: "This has had a big impact on all of our lives – to look over and see a forest of trees is pretty awful, but sometimes you have to admit defeat and that time has come.

"New people have moved into the area and although they are aware of the situation, it’s not really an issue for them.

"The trees were there before they bought their homes and so they didn’t know just how beautiful the views of Solsbury Hill were before."


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