Ivanka Trump’s ex-best friend blasts POTUS’ ‘misogyny’ and ‘elitism’ in scathing attack

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Lysandra Ohrstrom met Ivanka Trump when the women attended Chapin, an all-girls school in New York. Ms Trump’s ex-best friend wrote in Vanity Fair about their friendship and how they were “inseparable”.

Ms Ohrstrom blasted Ivanka for not moderating her father’s “regressive” behaviour during his time at the White House.

She wrote: “It was easy to ignore the dozens of press inquiries that flooded my inbox when Donald Trump announced his candidacy because I didn’t think he had any chance of winning.

“Then, when Ivanka joined her dad’s administration, I was sure she would step in to moderate her father’s most regressive, racist tendencies—not out of any moral commitment, but because caging young children and ripping up global climate agreements was not a good look in the halls of Davos.”

She claimed that the Ivanka she “knew” spent her career developing a different and more “intellectual offshoot” of Mr Trump’s brand.

Ms Ohrstrom added: “Instead, I’ve watched as Ivanka has laid waste to the image she worked so hard to build.”

Ms Ohrstrom is a journalist who writes for The Observer and Huffington Post and stood in Ivanka and Jared Kushner’s wedding as a maid of honour.

She explained how her and Ivanka were close until immediately after the wedding in 2009.

Ms Ohrstrom claimed the friendship collapse after Ms Trump did not take enough interest in her new job.

The journalist said she voted against President Trump in the US election and that she does not owe Ivanka her “silence”.

Ms Ohrstrom wrote: “I told myself it wouldn’t make a difference if I shared my bird’s-eye view of the first family because the public had long ago grown inured to the run-of-the-mill instances of misogyny, elitism, and poor character that I could recollect.”

She added: “A few weeks ago, after I voted early against her dad, I sat down at my computer and began to write about my friendship with Ivanka with no eye toward publication. But the more I wrote, the surer I became that I did not owe her my silence.”

According to Ms Ohrstrom, there are other people in the pair’s New York social circle who have also criticised Ms Trump in private.

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She added: “But in public, we’ve stayed silent because that’s what we are taught to do.”

Ms Ohrstrom explained how her relationship with Ms Trump began.

She wrote: “I was eager to land on the popular side of the classroom, ruled over by Ivanka and about five other wild, entitled, precocious preteens.”

According to Ms Ohrstrom, Mr Trump “barely” acknowledged her when she was friends with Ivanka at school.

She added: “Except to ask if Ivanka was the prettiest or the most popular girl in our grade.”

Ms Ohrstrom also claimed that Mr Trump commented on her weight.

She wrote: “Though he never remembered my name, he seemed to have a photographic memory for changes in my body.

“I’ll never forget the time Ivanka and I were having lunch with her brothers at Mar-a-Lago one day, and while Mr. Trump was saying hi, Don Jr. swiped half a grilled cheese sandwich off my plate.

“Ivanka scolded him, but Mr. Trump chimed in, ‘Don’t worry. She doesn’t need it. He’s doing her a favour.’ Conversely, he’d usually congratulate me if I’d lost weight.”

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