Ivanka Trump snub: Donald Trump ‘disappointed’ over daughter ‘seeing best in people’

Ivanka Trump emotional during Donald Trump’s final speech

Ivanka and her husband Jared Kushner have retreated to Florida after Mr Trump’s crushing defeat to President Joe Biden in the US election. The couple now resides in a $32.3million (£23.6million) estate on an island, on Indian Creek, dubbed “Billionaire Bunker”. Many continue to speculate about what the future holds for the former “First Daughter”, who served as an advisor to her father’s administration. 

Some have suggested that Ivanka may consider a political run of her own in 2024 and analysts believe she could win the Florida seat.

This would enable her to make a bid for the presidency if Mr Trump doesn’t try to run for office too.

Others believe she will return to working in real estate and on her fashion line, which she did prior to the 2016 US election. 

In the wake of Mr Trump’s loss to President Biden – by 306 Electoral College votes to his 232 – his relationship with Ivanka is being reexamined.

After the defeat, Ivanka tweeted that it was “the honour of a lifetime” to serve the former US President and she was “proud” of what she achieved.

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She wrote: “I came to Washington [DC] to fight for American families and I leave feeling I have done that.”

In one part of the message that some have taken as an indication of a future run for president, Ivanka said she was “excited about the future”.

Her remark was seated alongside comments about being “so proud” of what she had “accomplished and achieved” in politics.

Mr Trump and Ivanka’s relationship is known to be less conventional than most between a father and his daughter.

She started working for The Trump Organisation in 2005 and launched her own successful business side ventures.

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When asked about the strain it put on their relationship in a 2008 GQ article, Mr Trump explained that he didn’t “trust” her in the same way that his father trusted him.  

Mr Trump told interviewer Piers Morgan that all of his children were “very smart” but only referred to them as “great students” – not his equal.

He admitted: “They’re too young, I think they have the potential to be very successful and very talented.”

In a remark shortly after Mr Trump said he “would let them go” if he didn’t think they had enough business savvy or “were up to the job”.

In a 2015 profile of Ivanka, Vogue writer Jonathan Van Meter argued that she had forged a path away from her famous last name. 

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He claimed that she had taken after Mr Trump in her ability to brand herself but apart from that they were dissimilar. 

Mr Van Meter wrote that Ivanka hadn’t “inherited” Mr Trump’s style “nor his crackpot opinions” but had learned one thing.

He wrote: “The idea that if you are going to have the chutzpah to brand yourself, you damn well ought to be true to yourself.”

After observing Ivanka crack jokes in the boardroom – all of whom had previously worked for Mr Trump – the writer headed to meet her father.

Mr Trump noted that Ivanka had been “very successful” during her modelling career and was surprised that “she just gave it up”. 

Ivanka quit modelling to study and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in economics in 2004.

The reason she left fashion, Mr Trump claimed, was her “love” for “real estate.”

In a 2016 interview, Ivanka explained that she had hoped to shape the skylines for some of the world’s “most exciting cities”. 

Mr Trump explained that she “chose the family business” and since joining the fold had been “a natural dealmaker”.

He said: “She will take this company to great levels.” 

Ivanka Trump discusses being ‘competitive’ like her father in 2014

When quizzed further about what he meant, Mr Trump said: “First of all, she’s got tremendous heart and a great warmth – and people see that. 

“While she can be a very tough person if she has to be, she really wants to see the best in people.” 

Mr Van Meter noted a change in Mr Trump’s body language as he uttered those words.

The writer added: “He sounds almost disappointed about that last bit.”

In contrast to the suggestion that Ivanka may not be as strong as her father, she recounted a different side of events during a 2016 Forbes Summit. 

When Ivanka was asked about how disagreements between her siblings and Mr Trump were solved, she claimed: “I win, of course!” 

She admitted that having a family business was “tough” but she felt they helped each other to be better.

Ivanka said: “You push each other, you complement each other… [but] you don’t let things go if you deeply feel like it’s the wrong direction.

“I think we really challenge each other to be the best versions of ourselves and it’s been great.”

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