Iranians citizens PREFER Donald Trump over Biden due to consistent pressure on leaders

Donald Trump preferred over Joe Biden by Iranians claims expert

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Iran expert Dr Pupak Mohebali of Iran International TV, which is owned by Volant Media UK, explained the feelings towards the former and current US Presidents. During an interview with, Dr Mohebali argued Iranian citizens would have preferred Donald Trump remained US President over Joe Biden. This is due to the strict pressure the US put on Iran under Mr Trump, leading to hope this pressure would result in positive change in the country.

She noted Iranian officials were more indifferent to US Presidency, however.

Dr Mohebali said: “The views on Joe Biden and Iran, first we need to consider it people vs the officials of Iran as they think differently.

“I remember at Iran International TV we asked people to send the voices on who they preferred to be the US President.

“There were some people at the time said they preferred Donald Trump.”

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Dr Mohebali went into the details of why Iranian citizens were more supportive of Donald Trump than his election rival, Joe Biden.

She said: “They said they prefer if Trump was still the US President because of they think of the kind of pressure he puts on the Iranian regime.

“They think it would be more helpful for any changes in Iran.

“However, because Biden is more diplomatic it gives more opportunities for the Islamic Republic.”

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The Iran expert argued that from Iranian officials, the consensus is unclear.

“When it comes the Iranian officials you can see a set of mixed signals.

“The ruling elite in Iran emphasise that is not important for them who becomes the US President.

“Again, after Biden got elected they showed satisfaction that Trump is not the President anymore.”

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Iran officials have argued that US sanctions have caused hardship and suffering, however.

As President, Donald Trump dragged America out of a landmark deal and reimposed nuclear sanctions.

The move resulted in Iran taking the US to the ICJ in 2018.

In September last year, Iran’s Hamidreza Oloumiyazdi told the UN court the sanctions imposed by the US were a “clear breach” of the 1955 Treaty of Amity between the two nations.

Speaking over a video link, Mr Oloumiyazdi said: “The US measures and the underlying policy of ‘maximum pressure’ disregard the very foundation of international law.”

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