Inside tragic lives of worlds fattest people – from bread breakup to murder

From a break-up over a loaf of bread, two years in the hospital and even the cover-up of a murder, the lives of some of the world's fattest people are tragic.

Britain's former fattest man recently passed away after sepsis and organ failure, with Matthew Crawford, 37, weighing 60 stone at the time of his death.

The 37-year-old had taken up four hospital beds during an 18-month stay in hospital that ended in 2019 with the bloke known as "Fat Kid" often insisting he would lose weight.

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But sadly Matthew lost his life after dying in a specialist care home, with one source calling his death "tragic."

Breaking (over) bread

Tragic too are the other stories of some of the world's largest people, with 80 stone Paul Mason splitting with his fiancé after a disagreement over bread.

Mason had split with fiancé Rebecca Mountain after she saw a "big loaf of bread on the refrigerator."

She said at the time: "We had an agreement that we were not going to tempt each other… he said he was getting bored with what we were eating and his portion sizes more than doubled."

Mason, now 61, alleged that the reason he had ballooned up to his current size was through the verbal and physical abuse he suffered from his father while growing up.

Confession of 'half-tonne killer'

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Paul's bread fiasco isn't the only family fallout for the world's fattest people, with Mayra Rosales from Texas, America finding herself dubbed "the half-tonne killer" in a murderous incident.

Rosales, who weighed 74 stone at her heaviest, falsely confessed to killing her sister Jamie Lee's two-year-old son, Eliseo Jr., after falling on top of him and crushing him under her bed.

The 41-year-old was set for a death sentence but it was soon revealed she was actually covering for her sister, who had fatally struck the youngster with a hairbrush.

Rosales said she was "already dying" and was "giving up on life" so decided to take the blame for her sister, who was eventually found on the run two and a half years later and is now serving 15 years in prison for the charge of causing injury to a child.

The heaviest man to have lived

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Jon Brower Minnoch spent just six months less time in hospital than Rosales did in prison, taking up two years in a custom-made hospital bed.

Minnoch is believed to be the heaviest man to have ever lived, weighing in at 100 stone at one point, with the obesity-plagued bloke suffering a heart-attack in 1978 at his home.

Emergency response teams had no idea how to extract Minnoch from his home, eventually using an improvised stretcher to take him to his double hospital bed.

Minnoch spent two years in hospital where doctors restricted him to 1,200 calories a day, being released after losing 66 stone.

He was hospitalised again in 1981 after piling on another 14 stone, dying two years later at the age of 42, The Sun reported.

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