Inside the creepy abandoned UK sex club that still has its dungeon’s lights on

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A pair of urban explorers were shocked when they accidentally stumbled into a closed down sex club which creepily still had its electricity running – and was littered with condom packets and sex toys.

The 'Urbexcr' group, who travel all across the country venturing into interesting abandoned buildings, initially thought they were climbing into a disused pub.

But the brave pair were instead greeted with a huge bed, chains, glory holes and some very rude wall decorations.

The closed "swingers club" had to shut its doors at the beginning of March 2020 due to the coronavirus lockdown.

The pair of explorers were left creeped out at the fact the club's "dungeons" still had its power running despite being left empty for so long.

Most of the once bustling rooms featured a variety of different seating areas, large open spaces and graphic wall paintings depicting different sex acts.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star, Urbexcr said: "When we got to the building we assumed we had found a pub so climbed through the window expecting out of date Carling until we were greeted with a huge bed, chains and glory holes.

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"It was pretty clear we had just stumbled on a sex club and although it was interesting, it wasn't our usual kind of explore and we were definitely careful about what we touched.

"No creepy ghosts, just mucky thongs and used sex toys."

La Chambre in Attercliff, Sheffield, had been welcoming raunchy couples from all across the UK since it opened back in 1998.

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A club spokesman said when it closed: “As most clubs like ours have had to close due to Covid, it has proven to be a difficult time for us all and sadly we are starting to see some clubs making the awful decision to close their doors forever.

"It breaks our hearts and we wish them all the best for the future.

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"We have been reviewing our own club along with government guidelines to see what we can do ourselves, we have thought about every possible way that we can think of to get back up and running but each time we hit hurdle after hurdle that prevents it.

"We have taken a long hard look at La Chambre and like most clubs it make financial sense to remain closed as we lose less money than we would if we opened."

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