Inside Queens inner circle who keep her cheerful after loss of beloved Philip

The Queen has been out of the public spotlight after doctors advised her to rest following a health scare in hospital.

She has spent most of the past year at home at Windsor Castle but has a close-knit group of friends and loyal royal staff she relies on, claims an insider.

The 95-year-old, who lost her husband Prince Philip back in April, has also mourned close friends who passed away in recent months.

But, she has an intimate 'bubble' of people that she enjoys a close relationship with, writes People.

One insider says the Queen has 'good judgement' over the people she meets and is 'chatty' with those she trusts.

They said: "The Queen can go from being magisterial to chatty with those she trusts. She has good judgment once she trusts people – and once she does it is very easy."

Over the summer, Her Majesty enjoyed having friends over at Windsor Castle for lunches and dinner and watched late TV with some of them, it has been reported.

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Her inner circle includes Ladies-in-waiting like Lady Susan Hussey, whom she's known for six decades, and friends like Lady Annabel Whitehead, and Lady Elizabeth Leeming.

There is also Prince Charles' nanny Mabel Anderson and Susan Rhodes, that are said to be amid the close circle of friends.

With her inner circle, the monarch is rarely alone following the loss of the Duke of Edinburgh, especially with loyal staffers like dresser and close aide Angela Kelly and footman Paul Whybrew.

The royal staff in the 'bubble' help to ensure it's a 'cheerful place' as they follow restrictions to keep Her Majesty safe from Covid.

The insider says: "Those who are in it cherish their place. They are a support for the Queen and someone that they can have a laugh with and she can talk about the issues of the day."

Members of the royal family are also on-hand to pop in and keep her company, like son Prince Edward and wife Sophie, Countess of Wessex, who are only a short drive away in Bagshot.

Her youngest Prince Andrew lives nearby in Windsor Great Park at Royal Lodge.

It's said the Queen will look forward to having 'family around at Christmas' at Sandringham House in Norfolk this festive season.

Her Majesty will entertain members of the Royal Family, like Kate Middleton and Prince William and her great-great children Louis, George, and Charlotte for the first Christmas since losing Prince Philip.

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