Inside life of Hammers fan and Essex lad who became OnlyFans millionaire

The creator of OnlyFans says that despite being behind one of the fastest-growing online businesses in the world, his biggest ambition is to have a pint in the sunshine,

Even though lockdown has boosted his income to incredible heights Tim Stokely can’t wait for it to end.

"All I want is to spend the afternoon in a beer garden with my friends," he says.

OnlyFans was already a success before the coronavirus pandemic hit, but with content creators and their fans cooped up at home Tim’s business gained an enormous boost. It’s now on course for annual revenue of around $1 billion (£720m).

A namecheck from Beyoncé on a remix of Megan Thee Stallion’s smash hit Savage didn’t exactly hurt the site’s popularity either.

OnlyFan’s total sales for March 2021 approached $400m (£288 million), according to Tim, of which 80% goes to the content creators and the remainder is kept by the company.

It's been a long journey for a West Ham fan who started his business life delivering fish and chips from his local chippie.

Tim’s proud of the fact that his business has helped over 300 women earn a million dollars, he told the Daily Telegraph, adding that it’s very hard to put a figure on how many of the site’s content creators are involved in adult content because it is such a hard term to define.

He is philosophical about the accusations that he’s a "digital pimp", saying that while he’s taken "a bit of a bashing" from critics over the years, it "comes with the territory".

Tim stresses that the content creators, who are mainly women, take the lion’s share of the money, adding it’s not just famous names that are earning huge sums through the site.

He points to Leeds mum Gracey Kay, who used to earn £18,000 as a hairdresser and doubled that with her earnings from OnlyFans in just a month.

Jasmine Rice, who takes great care to point out that she doesn’t post nude photos on the site, can earn anything from $1,000 (£720) to $35,000 (£25,184) in a month.

Jasmine does say, however, that she’s had negative responses from some users.

She told Bustle: "Like 90% of people subscribing only want nudes and are really angry when you don’t give them this access to your body, which they believe that they’ve purchased access to."

Dirty Sexy Money star Bella Thorne made a million dollars in a single day through OnlyFans, when she controversially promised a "nude photo" for $200 (£144) but failed to deliver and was bombarded with requests for refunds.

It’s because of OnlyFans being so closely associated with pornographic content that it’s currently banned from Apple's App Store and Google.

As part of his plan to move the site away from its adult work roots that he’s signed up sports stars such as former England flanker James Haskell and boxer Tony Bellew.

Tim’s investigating the world of music too, making deals with the likes of Cardi B, Fat Joe and DJ Khalid.

One day, he speculates, OnlyFans could be as much a record label as a website: "That's not something in our immediate plans but we have seen huge growth in music," he says.

But for now, his main focus is having a pint in the beer garden with his mates.

"I can’t wait for a mixture of alcohol and Vitamin D," he says.

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