Inside ex-gangsters castle of guns, swords and sex dungeon for adult movies

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    A self-proclaimed ex-gangster who claims to be a former Kray twins associate has his own white 'Camelot Castle'.

    Inside David Courtney boasts a vast amount of prop weapons, a nightclub, sex dungeon, and a portrait of himself flanked by famous criminals..

    David calls his Plumstead home, a former school, Camelot Castle; a brilliant white mansion decked out with guns, swords, and suits of armour pictures of the late Queen, and even a bust of his own head.

    He claims to be the inspiration for Vinnie Jones' character in Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels, but may be better known for the mural outside which shows him and the most notorious gangsters as the knights of the round table.

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    Camelot Castle also has a jacuzzi, and the nightclub doubles as a cinema to watch the boxing, while adult films are made in the dungeon, which also doubles as photo shoot location for underwear brands, reports MyLondon.

    The 63-year-old calls himself Dave Courtney OBE – One Big Ego – and his home lives up to the name with pictures and paintings of him throughout.

    In the front room hangs a painting of Dave with a halo and angel wings. He claims the painter filled half a pot of paint with his blood so that "the skin is Dave Courtney's DNA".

    The author of nine books also collects medals, including an old OBE dating back to 1919. He explained: "It states in the law books it becomes an offence to call yourself an OBE if you don’t own one. But I do own one. My own friends ask what was the Queen like!"

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    He added: "I have got this ego. I can’t deny it. I’m an entertainer. It's more important to me than anything criminal."

    Camelot Castle stands out as you approach it, painted in white with gold lions and decorated with Union Jacks, a statue of a sniper peering over the wall and a replica of King Arthur's Sword in the Stone.

    A fake blue plaque reads: "David J Courtney born 17.2.1959 amusing raconteur, prolific author and infamous f***er resides here."

    A keen royalist who queued for 13 hours with his 90-year-old mum for Her Majesty's lying-in-state, David has a picture of the late Queen outside his front door.

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    The infamous mural is found at the side of the house. It shows Dave sat on a throne in the form of his emblematic knuckle duster with his "friends" around him including Lenny McLean, Freddie Foreman, the Krays, Howard Marx, Al Capone, and Al Pacino (with a red herring on his shield to show he isn't the real deal).

    The mural has fallen into disrepair, and Dave plans to have a new one put up next year in the theme of the Last Supper.

    Dave lives with his best friend, Brendan, who owns a film props company, which allows him to have the fake guns, knives and swords in his front room.

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    In the dining room, the walls are covered in books and the shelves are dotted with an eclectic mix of old medals, military helmets, boxing gloves, and even a bust of Beethoven.

    The next room is centred around a pool table and pictures of Dave with his family and "all the boys who I was active in the criminal scene with" cover the walls.

    At the bottom of his garden is a small nightclub with adjoining lounge rooms and the 'dungeon' studio.


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