Inside brutal Taliban cell that may be unleashed after August 31 deadline

The Taliban may deploy a brutal militia to carry out attacks on foreign forces if their August 31 deadline is missed.

Earlier this week, the terrorists announced that all evacuations from Afghanistan must be completed by the end of the month.

A raft of foreign countries are now racing to meet the deadline, and some have already halted flights out of the country.

Fears are now growing of the threat posed by the Haqqani Network, a guerrilla group with ties to al-Qaeda.

The Taliban has already placed 6000 of its members in charge of capital Kabul.

David Otto, Director of Switzerland-based Geneva Centre for Africa Security and Strategic Studies, believes they could pose a risk to foreign fighters.

He told the Daily Star: “The Haqqani network is the Taliban's most loyal and committed militia that will do whatever dirty job that the Taliban cannot execute on its own for whatever image or political reason.

“If the US coalition's evacuation of nationals and others extend beyond the agreed deadline of August 31st — which is looking more likely to happen due to logistical challenges — the Taliban could unleash the Haqqani network to target US troops and perhaps blame it on ISIS in Khorasan Province [ISKP].”

The security operation is being led by Khalil al-Rahman Haqqani, whose brother Jalaluddin Haqqani founded the network in the 1970s.

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Two other key members of the Haqqani Network, Anas Haqqani and Sirrajuddin Haqqani, have also made the senior ranks of the Taliban.

It rose to prominence during the US-backed campaign against Soviet forces occupying Afghanistan in the 1980s.

The Haqqani introduced suicide bombing to Afghanistan and became notorious for complex, well-organised attacks on both Afghan and US military, as well as civilian targets and high-profile kidnappings.

In 2016, a Haqqani bomber blew himself up in Kabul’s diplomatic quarter, leaving a 16ft deep crater and killing around 150 people.

Mr Otto continued: “They could be used to fish out and eliminate all remaining high profile Afghans that worked for US, NATO and the previous Afghan government but did not qualify for evacuation.

“Particularly those who spoke openly against the Taliban.”

The Taliban has already promised a “peaceful transfer of power” and “no revenge on anyone”.

However, its members have already been accused of killing hundreds of people in Kandahar, along with various human rights abuses.

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