Inexplicable Loch Ness video shows weird 30ft humped creature in the water

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New footage has reignited Loch Ness Monster rumours after a "30ft creature" was spotted moving through the water at the famous lake.

A bemused couple in their 50s filmed the apparent sighting while on holiday in the Scottish Highlands.

The clip shows a mysterious creature swimming just below the surface of the water around 150 yards from the shore, with a strong wake of water behind it.

The two-and-a-half minute film also seems to show humps emerge above the surface of the water with something swimming and turning below.

Gary Campbell, who has 25 years experience of recording Nessie sightings, acknowledged the footage and said it was the best he has seen in 22 years.

"In terms of video evidence, there’s been two or three really good videos in the past but this is certainly up there with the best of them," he told Mail Online.

"When something like this comes along which is genuinely inexplicable then it is great."

"I really don’t know what it was in the water. It was something large… It was propelling itself with something. It wasn’t how a fish would do it," the woman who shot the clip said.

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She captured the eerie moment on the loch after waking up early on Monday and heading out with her camera as the water was so still, when she spotted a large creature moving.

"What on Earth is that?" she is heard saying as she captures the moment on her iPhone.

Pictures were also taken from the couple's holiday cottage less than half a mile from the loch and opposite Urquhart Castle.

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The husband and wife claim the creature was between 20 and 30ft long and had at least one fin or limb which moved "like an oar" beneath the surface.

They described seeing something weird under the water which "rushed forward and turned around".

A local expert in video and photography said what the couple had captured was "clearly animate" and came out of the water before going back in, and was "definitely larger than a bird".

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