India-Pakistan war warning: PoK leader urges Pakistan’s Imran Khan to ‘take strong steps’

Raja Farooq Haider made the chilling comments on Tuesday after visiting villages along the Line of Control as the coronavirus crisis rages on. He said the Pakistani prime minister must bold steps to address India’s actions in the disputed territory.

Mr Haider said: “PM Imran Khan must react now and take some strong steps.

“Only verbal statements will not work. You must move forward and order your forces to attack India.

“It is your duty to protect your brothers and sisters.

“India is giving weather reports on Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (PoK), we should start updating on Delhi.”

Mr Haider’s “weather update” comment came after the Indian Meteorological Department’s included areas in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (PoK) and in its weather forecasts.

India claims all of the region, including Gilgit Baltistan, is an inseparable and integral part of the country.

Mr Haider is well-known for making questionable outbursts.

A few months ago, he said that arms struggles must continue in Jammu and Kashmir.

He has been an outspoken critic of Mr Khan’s leadership.

He had criticised Mr Khan’s approach to dealing with India.


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The way things are going, Mr Haider said, it looks like Kashmir will not become part of Pakistan in the future.

Thus, he is calling for a more heavy-handed approach.

As of May 13, a total of 934 coronavirus cases were reported in Jammu and Kashmir.

More than 450 people are said to have recovered from the disease.

Ten deaths from COVID-19 have been recorded.

The territory reported 55 new cases on Wednesday morning, the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said.

India has been accused of using the pandemic to exploit human rights.

Last month the Indian army set up artillery weapons deep in Kashmiri villages to launch long-distance fire on PoK.

The move led to widespread panic among residents.

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