Incest ‘cult leader’ who abused four-year-old sister and children caged

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A beastly “cult leader” who sexually abused his daughters and told them “God made you to be my wife” has been caged.

The sickening case revealed that blackmail and religion were used to torment the women and prevent them from seeking help.

The vile pervert cannot be named as to protect the identity of his victims, which included his younger sibling.

A court heard that the twisted deviant forced his sister to watch him slit her guinea pig open to scare her from telling their parents about his horrid abuse.

The shocking ordeals are reminiscent of the evil acts of Josef Fritzl, who enslaved his daughter.

According to local reports, he told one of his daughters: “God had made her to be like a wife.”

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The now 62-year-old carried out his twisted regime of terror during in 1978 when he was 20 and his sister was only five, according to local outlets.

The campaign of horror took place in Adelaide, south Australia.

A judge described the evil paedophile as “manipulative and cruel” after he admitted repeatedly abusing his sister for seven years.

He even allowed his friends to attack her while he watched, The Sun reports.

The 62-year-old sicko confused to abusing one of his daughters from the age of four until she was 15, but denied attacking her sisters.

He was found guilty on seven sexual offences against that daughter.

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The married pervert continued to abuse his sister even after he met his wife, and assaulted two of their six kids.

His wife was said to have “facilitated” the abuse.

In sentencing, SA District Court Judge Joanne Tracey said: “It is hard to imagine how terrifying, frightening and confused each of those little girls would have been.

“Your behaviour towards each child was manipulative, cruel and malevolent.

“You told [one daughter] that God had made her to be like a wife for you. Since leaving the home, she says she views her family as a cult.

“[Another daughter] described how you treated her differently to her sisters, isolating her from the rest of the family and threatening her if she spoke about your abuse of her.”

He was found guilty at trial of three counts of indecent assault, two counts of gross indecency, inciting or procuring an act of gross indecency and unlawful sexual intercourse.

The District Court jailed the degenerate for 20 years, with a 16-year non-parole period.

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