Ian Bradys letters snapped up to solve holy grail Keith Bennett burial spot

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    Moors Murderer Ian Brady’s letters are being snapped up after police launched a new search for the burial site of Keith ­Bennett.

    Collectors told the Daily Star Sunday that the renewed – and ­recently abandoned – hunt for the ­remains of the 12 year old, below, had caused a spike in sales.

    They say the buyers are hoping they will come across the “holy grail” of serial killer merchandise – a letter
    in which monster Brady finally reveals the burial spot for the lad, who was killed in 1964.

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    One crime obsessive – who did not want to be named – said: “Ian Brady items have always been hot among collectors of serial killers’ belongings.

    “And these last few weeks have seen a real spike in trades and ­expensive purchases because his death makes them more valuable.

    “His letters are now being sold like mad, as well as more personal items he has owned and used in prison.”

    He explained that “collectors think there’s a letter out there in which he confesses where [Keith’s] body is – which would be worth a fortune”. He added: “I own two of his letters and they’re worth a lot of cash.”

    Defending his hobby, the source said: “It sounds morbid, but there is a huge market for these items and they are genuine collectibles.

    “People who collect these aren’t any sicker than people who watch crime dramas.”

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    Brady’s letters on one US-based ­website flogging his items are now marked “Out of ­stock”, while a ­remaining handful of his messages to penpals are going for up to £500 each.

    Police hunting for the grave of Keith, based on claims by amateur sleuth Russell Edwards, last month called off their search after finding nothing at Saddleworth Moor.

    Brady, who died in 2017 aged 79, never revealed where he buried Keith, the only one of his five victims undiscovered. Myra Hindley, who helped him kill the children in and around Manchester, died in 2002, aged 60.


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