I own a nuclear bunker – people have begged for a slot over Putin WW3 fears

A Brit farmer who owns a former Government "secret nuclear bunker" has said he has received offers for a space in case Vladimir Putin starts World War Three.

Mike Parrish, 76, from Kelvedon Hatch, near Brentwood, Essex, is all set for a long stint in the bunker in the event of a nuclear strike, with "water buried under there" as well as "tinned food" and even a "sewage system".

Mike said that post 9/11 people offered upwards of £30,000 for a space in the bolthole, and anxiety around Putin's flirtation with nuclear weaponry means that anxious folks are once again contacting him.

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Mike, who runs the bunker as a museum after buying it for an undisclosed sum after it was decommissioned in 1994, said only a wild offer would make him open it up to the public.

"So now we have the Ukraine… and we had 15 people [asking for a space] this time. But of course, I've learned that I say 'well, if you've got 500,000 in liquid assets, we will talk to you'," he told the Express.

He said that a post nuclear strike stint would probably mean over a decade underground, something people don't seem to understand.

"You are going to be down here for 10-15 years, you're going to want lots of food," he said.

"People are superficial, you know, they still think you go down underground, come up [the] next morning and carry on working you won’t.

"If there is that sort of thing [a nuclear strike], and you're going to be underground, and you're going to be down there for as long as it takes."

Previously the site was designated to be occupied by the Prime Minister and senior state officials, who would run the country from underground, if Britain had suffered a nuclear attack.

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At only around 29 miles from Downing Street, the Essex farm was ideally located to be the Government’s headquarters if the country was engulfed in radiation.

The plot of land required to build the bunker was forcibly purchased by the state in 1952 during the early stages of the Cold War.

Detailing the deal, Mike said: "Under the threat of compulsory purchase [the Government] took this 25 acres in the middle of the farm, bulldozed the hill away, built the bunker, put it back, and then we farmed over it so the Russians wouldn't know it was here."

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