I got none of grandads £4.6bn Cadburys fortune but I was called Curly Wurly

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  • The heir to £4.6billion Cadbury throne as admitted that he didn't see a single penny of it, but was bullied as a child because of his family connections.

    James Cadbury, who is the founder of the £14million chocolate make Love Cocoa, is the great-great-great grandson of the man who made Cadbury.

    John Cadbury created the world-famous chocolate brand in 1824.

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    It was sold to Kraft in January, 2010 for the eye-watering sum – none of which James saw.

    He told The Sun : “Because I've got the Cadbury name, people probably think my pockets are lined with money.

    “But, because my ancestors were Quakers and philanthropists, they gave a lot of money back.

    "They didn't believe in creating wealth for the family and for generations so, instead, they put the money into different charities . . . it wasn't within the family when I grew up but it was still very close, and I was super interested in the history.”

    The same last name and family lineage saw James deal with a bit of name-calling at school.

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    Although he took it in jest, James was called “Curly Wurly” – after the famous Cadbury treat of curly caramel dipped in chocolate.

    “Boys would curiously call me ‘Curly Wurly,’ but I always took it in good stead, found it quite funny and quite liked it,” he recalled.

    “I also used to do lots of school projects on Cadbury so I definitely had that passion for it, and I just loved how they set it up.”

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    James appeared on Dragon's Den in 2018, but rejected a £75k offer from Dragon Tej Lalvani.

    He didn't need it, however, as his Love Coca business is now worth a whopping £14million.

    Despite turning the money down, he admits that the show gave the company “lots of publicity”, and tripled his revenue in the 18 months after the show.

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