Hunt for woman who scammed people out of £70k for ‘witchcraft services’

A 'witch hunt' has been launched after a woman promising spiritual services has made off with £72,000.

One man claimed the woman known as Rosalia, waved eggs around his head before cracking each one open to reveal blood, needles and worms.

Naples Police in Florida said the victim of the scam handed over £20,000 of savings and borrowed money, to the fraudster to 'remove his darkness', reports the Miami Herald.

Reports of a woman who was "providing spiritual/witchcraft services" started coming into the police station on March 14, according to WINK news.

Following allegations that the woman has conned at least 10 people out of a combined $100,000 or £72,000, police have issued a public appeal for information on her whereabouts, with two composite sketches.

Naples police say people were duped by adverts placed in Spanish-language newspapers, on Spanish radio and flyers posted to poles and shops in the Golden Gate and East Naples area.

Police released a photo of one Spanish hand-written flyer with a drawing of a $20 bill on it beside the words, "Se lee las cartas. Amarres limpias" which translates to "The letters are read. Clean moorings".

Adverts were published in December 2020 but the "in-person scam" did not start until mid-January with the last case coming in mid-March.

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Victims told police the woman is of possible Hispanic or Eastern European descent and speaks Spanish with an unknown accent or dialect. She is about five-foot-two, of medium build with blonde hair and dark roots, and has light brown eyes.

According to WINK, investigators said the woman offered tarot card readings and other spiritual services. and asked her customers "to bring her as much cash as possible".

She allegedly told one man she saw "darkness" in the money and would take it to her "temple" in Fort Myers to clean it.

Investigators say that as victims voluntarily gave the 'witch' their money, they are unlikely to ever get it back.

NBC2 reported that a man said he met with Rosalia at an "office" and she told the man to fix the darkness by sleeping with three eggs under his bed and to bring them back to her.

When he did a day later, she waved them around his head and face and allegedly opened each egg to reveal blood, needles and worms in each respective egg.

'Rosalia' told the man the eggs weren’t enough to remove the darkness and that he needed to bring her "all the money he had and to borrow money from friends and family so she could bless it and multiply it," NBC2 reported.

He’s out $29,500 (£21k), he told police.

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