Hundreds of puppies die from unknown causes at barbaric breeding facility

Hundreds of puppies have died from "unknown causes" in a matter of months after being found in barbaric conditions at a breeding facility, according to a new report.

Investigators uncovered dozens of shocking animal welfare violations at a beagle-breeding venue in Virginia during the unannounced inspections in the summer.

It was reported that some dogs were left in kennels reeking with faeces and urine as well as being made to eat out of self-feeders that were riddled with flies, beetles and ants.

Officials from the U.S. Department of Agriculture cited Envigo for mistreatment of beagles and substandard conditions at the facility in Cumberland, the inspection report said.

According to the report published online last month, more than 500 pooches who were kept inside the venue experienced “discomfort, lethargy or stress” because the temperature sizzled above 85 degrees for at least five hours.

Concerns were also raised around how irregular cleaning was carried out in areas where dogs nursing their puppies could face potential disease and illness, reports Washington Post.

Other issues that were uncovered included that nearly 50 dogs were found with fight wounds and food was withheld for 42 hours from female dogs that were nursing 78 puppies.

A spokesperson for Envigo said they have been working with the USDA to rectify the problems outlined in the report and said “the highest quality of animal welfare is a core value of our company.”

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Responding to concerns about using animals for research, the company added that it is “essential for developing lifesaving medicines, medical devices and biologics, such as vaccines.”

They said their animals at the facility have “an integral role in the development of advanced pacemakers for heart patients” and in “critical research into Parkinson’s disease and multiple sclerosis.”

The facility has been around since the 1960s and was previously run by another company called Covance. Envigo took control of some of its operations in 2019.

It has been confirmed that no fines or penalties were issued after the inspections in July.

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