Huge brawl breaks out on Amsterdam flight from Manchester as six Brits arrested

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A vicious brawl erupted on board a KLM flight between Manchester and Amsterdam Schiphol Airport because of alleged racist comments.

Six Brits were arrested when the plane touched down in the Dutch capital yesterday, according to reports.

Footage of the scrap went viral on Twitter, with fellow passenger Maya Wilkinson sharing a clip with the caption "nice flight to the Dam today".

Her clip shows passengers and the captain of the plane trying to calm the men down and unsuccessfully keep them apart, as several of them appear to gang up on one man in particular.

Another clip of the melee aftermath shows two young men getting their luggage as the flight captain waits to remove them from the flight.

"They're being kicked off for racially abusing passengers," the man shooting the clip can be heard saying, before one of the men who was fighting calls a woman "a grass".

"Behave! This is an aircraft god damn it," a woman can be heard shouting as a KLM worker calls for calm over the loud speaker.

"Come on lads, please!" another woman says as a brave air hostess gets into the thick of it to separate them.

Responding to the video, Sara Nisbet said: "Three on one and Mr Stone Island has to put the boot in too, when the guy is already on the floor… embarrassing and shameful."

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"These are the British tourists we have to endure in Amsterdam day in, day out. Guess how we feel about that as residents who are still trying to live there in the midst of this mayhem," one Dutchman responded.

It's understood the six British men are still in custody in The Netherlands.

A spokesman for the Royal Netherlands Marechaussee, the national gendarmerie force of the Kingdom of the Netherlands, said that their officers boarded the plane and arrested the men.

A police spokesman told the Daily Star: "Six British nationals were arrested after a brawl erupted among the passengers.

"They were arrested for unlawful/disruptive behaviour on board the aircraft."

One of the six arrested men suffered minor injuries in the fight, a spokesman added.

The charge of Acting Recklessly Or Negligently In A Manner Likely To Endanger An Aircraft, which the men could be done for, carries a maximum prison sentence of five years in the UK, according to The Law Pages.

A KLM spokesman told the Daily Star: "We had some unruly passengers on our KLM 1070 flight from Manchester to Amsterdam.

"The captain and cabin crew put an end to a brawl between two groups of passengers. All involved were arrested upon arrival at Schiphol Airport.

"No delay occurred. KLM does not tolerate aggression against employees or passengers. We apologise to our passengers who may have been affected by the incident"

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