How to keep your plants and garden from freezing during upcoming winter storm in Denver

As temperatures plummet from 90 degrees Thursday to 41 degrees overnight, you might be wondering how to keep vulnerable plants and gardens safe during the winter storm.

While many have already planted their peppers and tomatoes after weeks of warm weather, the cold snap starting on Friday could threaten their wellbeing.

Mateo Cardozo, the store manager at Birdsall & Co. Garden Boutique in Englewood, said that the first step is to bring anything you can inside. If the plant is potted and able to be moved, it is going to be safer inside.

For plants that can’t be brought inside, Cardozo advised covering them with used burlap or cloth to keep snow off the leaves and soil and to insulate the plant.

“Burlap is usually recommended because it’s breathable,” Cardozo said.

If gardeners do not have another option, Cardozo said a tarp could work as a last resort to cover the plants. Tarps do not let any moisture out and do not allow proper airflow. Given the winter storm is only expected to last into Saturday, plants could still be okay with a tarp, but burlap is the much safer option, Cardozo said.

The plant store manager also recommended that people stop watering their plants soon. Rain is expected in Denver, so gardeners want to be careful to not overwater their plants.

Cardozo said that another concern with watering is that the wet soil could get colder or freeze, shocking the roots of the plant.

“They can plan, depending on what their watering routine is, to stop watering so the soil is as dry as possible when that weather does hit,” Cardozo said.

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