House inspector issues warning after finding charred wood covered in fresh paint

A house inspector has issued an urgent message to new home buyers to book for a detailed checkup before buying flipped houses.

Chris found the real estate agents were not fully disclosing the problems when he was working for a client to check for an old house that has been recently renovated.

He said the property looked "really nice" on the inside, but it was riddled with problems outside and up in the attic.

In a video seen more than 235,000 views, the professional goes up to the attic and finds charred wooden beams all over the area.

Chris pokes the cracked wood with a pocket knife and finds flakes of wood falling off immediately.

He said: "This flip has nothing on disclosure and charcoal in attic? They must have had a pretty good fire in here.

"This must have had a fire for sure. The roof decking – it's charred, this whole attic was on fire."

As Chris checks the exterior features around the house, he finds more problems that show signs of fire in the past.

He finds cracked wood trim along the roof line being repainted in white colours and spots a vinyl siding getting detached from the house.

"They didn’t even do the siding the right way,” he commented as he walked around the exterior. "They just put this vinyl siding over the old siding. Like, what kind of an embarrassment?"

Chris also realised the sellers had put on a new fence on top of the old ones at the front porch.

He added: "Essentially they had a major fire that no one disclosed, the siding is all wrong, there’s damage everywhere, the plumbing is old as hell, the deck posts are rotting away, but it looks really nice on the inside."

Viewers expressed their concerns and raised safety issues after watching the video.

One said: "How can it be legal to sell something that dangerous?"

Another commented: "They painted over to hide it. You could tell by the texture on the wood. Terrible."

"This is really scary because of how many flippers are buying up the entire market these days," a third wrote.

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