Hot mayor wages war on Mexicos deadly cartels even with thousands of threats

A new mayor has warned cartels that their time is up in her district of Mexico City.

Sandra Cuevas has promised a crackdown on organised crime in Cuauhtémoc, will leave the borough the safest in Mexico's capital.

The 35-year-old business woman and social activist has outlined her plans to free Cuauhtémoc from the shackles of gangsters within 18 months.

Speaking at the Mexico City Congress, Ms Cuevas shared her determination to kick out from the area, Jalisco New Generation Cartel or CJNG and La Unión de Tepito.

She said: "We are going to confront organised crime, organised crime is going to leave Cuauhtémoc."

According to, Ms Cuevas has insisted that her strict policy has the full backing and coordination of the government.

The mayor added that she is under no illusion of how big a challenge the job at hand is.

"Even if there are one or a thousand threats, the objective of guaranteeing security in Cuauhtémoc will be fulfilled," Ms Cuevas said.

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Blog Narco reports the project to release cartels' grip of the area will "work in a respectful way" but will likely require increased security and military help.

As part of the war on organised crime Ms Cuevas announced how new CCTV and control towers will be implemented to protect its 550,000 person population and more than 6 million daily visitors.

The cartels specifically targeted will be La Unión, Anti-Unión, La Ronda 88 and the semi-militarised CJNG.

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Drug traffickers, the CJNG is known for cannibalising some of its victims and using drones to attack their enemies.

The Daily Star reported last week how four dismembered bodies were abandoned in front of a mayor-elect's office.

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