Horse killed in Elbert County “execution style” owner says; sheriff’s office looking for suspect

ELBERT COUNTY, Colo. — “It ripped my heart out when we realized it was an actual bullet through the horses head,” said Dan Havens, the owner of Laredo, a 21-year-old horse he had raised since it was born.

Havens showed Contact7 Investigates a video taken the Sunday before he found his prized horse with a bullet hole in its head.

Last month, Havens returned to his barn in Elbert County and realized something was not right with Laredo.

“When I arrived home that day I saw my horse out here,” Havens said as he pointed to an area outside Laredo’s spot in the Barn. Laredo was laying in the mud. “I started brushing the side of his face and that’s when I noticed the bullet hole between his ear and his eye,” Havens said. He added that’s when the reality set in, “I was shocked.”

By legal definition, you can’t murder a horse. The crime is considered animal cruelty. But by virtually every other sense of the definition, the story of Laredo’s death is a murder mystery.

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