Horse and cat ‘best friends’ melt hearts with their unusual way of greeting

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Footage of a horse called Dave greeting his cat best friend with a big sloppy kiss has gone viral on TikTok – with viewers calling the moment "adorable".

In the clip, uploaded by user @charlottegibson46, the black horse is standing in his stable and his feline pal is sitting on the wooden door to his stall.

Dave gently places his mouth on the cat's head and starts to groom him with his lips, giving the appearance of planting a kiss right between the kitty's pointy ears.

The cat gives a little meow and wriggles to the side, before sitting photogenically next to Dave.

Unsurprisingly, the sweet footage was "liked" more than 32,000 times and hundreds of people commented on the unlikely friendship and said it made their day.

One viewer gushed: "I adore this but best of all the horse is called DAVE! Wonderful."

"Best friends!" commented another user heartstruck at the blossoming relationship.

A third animal lover wrote: "No fear of each other, friendship solid as a rock."

"So adorable," cooed another person.

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Suggesting an alternative motive, a fifth viewer joked: "Do you think the horse wanted centre stage for the video so he moved the cat?"

This comes after a heart-warming video showed a dog take a breakfast carrot to a horse in the field neighbouring his home – a crucial part of his morning routine every day.

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